Africa Community In Surrey & Sussex Assembles in UK for the 2022 “Family Sit Down Summit.” (Watch)

by Duchess Magazine

It was the great pleasure of the Africa Community In Surrey and Sussex, ACISS to host their event – Family Sit Down Summit on Sunday 28 August, 2022.

This wonderful event held at Tilgate Parks and Garden, Crawley, Uk.

The black-led community seeks to create a formidable ecosystem to serve as home away from home for Nigerians in Surrey and Sussex and equally develop initiatives that will be sustainable to everyone.

The event brought together acclaimed writers, scholars, public intellectuals, children, youths, drummers and their white counterparts who came to felicitate with them with activities around art, culture, music, games, as well as sessions on wellness and activism.

The group were seen happy and proud of their community and their efforts to celebrate each other’s cultural diversity, build love and support one another – the very backbone of the African Diaspora Foundation.

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