Apostolos Makes History as First Christian Album to Hit Top 10 Chart

by Duchess Magazine

The lead pastor of Celebration Church International, Pastor Emmanuel Iren, released Apostolos as his debut album, and it quickly rose to the top ten of the charts.

The album, which was released in August, received a ton of positive feedback and, in less than a week after its release, accomplished tremendous things, maintaining good positions on numerous music leaderboards.

The only Christian album to reach the Top 10 this year is Apostolos. It is also the first Christian album to peak in the Top 10 of the Apple Music Album chart since Dunsin Oyekan’s “The Gospel of the Kingdom,” which peaked at number 4 in January 2021.

A few hours following the first revelation, Album Talks made the same claim once more, stating that the album had climbed to position 6 on the Top 10 of the NG Apple Music Album Chart. On the aforementioned chart, the album peaked at number 5. The album is at the top of the NG Apple Music Christian Chart right now.

The YouTube Music audience was also drawn in by the Apostolos album. On the Top 20 Trending Songs in Nigeria chart on the music streaming site, the sixth song from the album “Holy Ghost (Live)” held a solid place at #16.

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