Duke Man Crush Monday: Ayissi William

by Duchess Magazine

The first domestically made shoes in Cameroon were created by Ayissi William, creator and designer of ICE footwear. In addition to selling shoes, ICE Footwear was founded in 2021 with the goal of inspiring young Africans to follow their goals and put more effort into their profession.

In 2017, Ayissi William discontinued her studies. The 24-year-old was an accounting student. Ayissi took the time to master the specifics of sneaker designing before he started the ICE Footwear products.

“I felt like I could definitely do something like that, and the fact that many people weren’t doing something like that where I came from also made me want to do it, even more, knowing I can be the first”, Ayissi William told The African Dream. Therefore, ICE Footwear was created in 2021.

Although Ayissi William loved sneakers as a child, he was never able to own numerous pairs. Because he didn’t want to destroy the ones he already had, he had to be careful with them. Observing the luxurious sneakers from Nike, Adidas, and Puma motivated Mr. William to start the historic venture of developing ICE Footwear.

Starting a business in Africa can be a voyage fraught with turbulence and setbacks. Ayissi William, unsurprisingly, experienced the same. As a shoe company, Ayissi William is currently threatened by the established and well-known brands in Africa (Nike, Adidas, and Puma). However, Ayissi William is adamant that the distinctiveness and enhanced appearance of the sneakers make their goods stand out from those of other manufacturers.

Only South Africa and Cameroon sell the items. However, the management intends to make them available in several nations and help interested clients try on the sneakers. Orders may be placed from any location in the world, and deliveries may be done anywhere in the world.

It will be a “good idea to diversify,” according to Ayissi William. Many areas remain untapped and arid. Additionally, he advised aspiring designers to develop unique identities that everybody can easily recognize. In an interview with The African Dream, Ayissi William stated, “They need to do something distinctive to distinguish.”

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