Duke Man Crush Monday: Neo Cholo

by Duchess Magazine

Meet Neo Gosiame Cholo, a young businessman from Mamelodi, Tshwane, South Africa who founded and owns a majority stake in African Neo Media (Pty) Ltd.

Young, well-known, and award-winning, he is the author of The Journey, a book about enlightening a dismal society about depression and the value of family connection. The My Scars Are My Storybook is another work by him.

When he was fifteen, he released his first book, and during the fourth annual African Authors Awards ceremony, he was honored for his contribution to African writing.

He established the Neo Youth Empowerment Programme (NYEP) to help young people develop skills like agriculture, digital marketing, public relations, and social responsibility programs that will help the future of Africa and the rest of the world. He was awarded the Pheli Awards 2021 for Best Journalist/Writer 2021.

The initiative has been expanded across the country, and it is currently looking for assistance from a number of partners and investors in the form of funds and resources. Additionally, The Book Behind Awards have nominated him for Best Teen Author for 2021.

The 17-year-old revealed how losing his father at an early age gave him the determination to pursue his ambitions. In addition to being a matric student and running four businesses, he has won awards for his book The Journey.

Neo Cholo, who is only 17 years old, is a motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur who strives to take advantage of every opportunity that comes his way. The young man was raised by strong women who gave him a good upbringing and made sure he is supported in anything he sets his mind to, including his mother and grandmother.

“Ignorance, criminality, jealousy, depression, death, and lugubrious society inspired me to write my first award-winning book, The Journey. I lost my dad when I was aged nine and, through the journey of life, I had to lose myself to gain myself and be Mr Neo Cholo that I am today as I suffered from a depression at the age where no one will fail to understand how,” he said.

Neo is a young businessman who sells his published novels and also runs a public relations and marketing firm, a female sanitary products company, and a clothing line.

He had previously competed in the Teenpreneur Competition and placed in the Top 100.

According to him, “Entrepreneurship is one thing you are exposed to at a young age as a person where you are able to think of how much to sell your pen for you not to have loss but a profit. “I had to write my first book, ‘The Journey’, to realise that there is money out there, but I need a way of finding it. I also started by designing a few posters and logos for individuals who approached me as I unleashed my purpose. I never hesitated to take lessons and criticism from them.”

As one of the sponsors of a few nonprofit organizations in his hometown of Mamelodi, the kid is also actively involved in community development.

He is the chairman and founder of Teens with Vision, a nonprofit organization that helps poor families and people with social support.

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