Duke Man Crush Monday: O’Plerou Grebet

by Duchess Magazine

More than 300 emojis depicting both traditional and contemporary aspects of Africa were produced by self-taught Ivory Coast artist O’Plerou Grebet.

The world will soon realize that Africa is more than simply a country of war, starvation, and poverty as Africans are already rising to share their own tales from various regions of the continent through numerous techniques.

The reason being that this gifted Ivorian designer was motivated by that very idea to produce over 350 emojis that depict various African narratives.

O’plerou Grebet, an illustrator and graphic designer from the Ivory Coast, was searching for stock photos of Africa for a project a few years ago when he came across something that devastated him.

He noticed that several internet media and newspapers promoted Africa as a continent with war, starvation, and impoverished people.

Grebet became so irritated by this that he began to brainstorm ways to alter these unfavorable perceptions about our beautiful continent, and the outcome was fantastic!

In September 2017, Grebet began watching YouTube tutorial videos on how to make emojis. In 2018, the young artist made the decision to create one African emoji every day and post it on Instagram. By the end of the year, Grebet had created 365 emojis, each one depicting an aspect of African culture, history, or common custom.

Now, all of these emojis are available in a single smartphone app called Zouzoukwa, where they may be utilized in discussions utilizing services like WhatsApp.

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