Duke of the Month: Celebrating Black Excellence

Paradoxically, it is no longer news, but a big deal that Black people are not diminishing in their astute resolve to better their best in the ways of reimagining and recreating ideas that would keep them at the fore of global change and development. Being Black is not an accident, it is to radiate the positive energy of success while it reflects encompassing excellence beyond ordinary comprehension.

Duke International Magazine presents to you two sons of Black wit and glamor hoisting African glory and might in their respective fields.


Admassu Tadesse


Celebrating Black Excellence


Being a development banker who knows his onions so well, Tadesse has gathered much influence that he is one of the sought-after personas when it comes to seeking advisories by African leaders, international organizations, and diplomatic circles.


Celebrating Black Excellence

He is best known for his sharp analysis and also his uncanny diplomatic skills, designed to elicit the appropriate policy action for a distinguished cause.


Celebrating Black Excellence

Tadesse has blazed Africa towards glory with his stunning initiatives, evidenced by the new partners and shareholders he has brought to the bank, who have backed the institution because they trust in him but also because of his ability to share Africa’s potential and prospects in a way that resonates with the international community.


Abbey Akinoshun


Celebrating Black Excellence

Having worked at managerial level in four different NHS Foundation Trusts within London, he rose to the crescendo of his nursing career when he emerged as the representative of registered nurses in England at the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), which is the world’s largest regulatory body for nurses and midwives, with over 670,00 nurses and midwives on its register.


Celebrating Black Excellence

This astonishing feat plaques Akinoshun as the first Black nurse to represent England in the exalted council.


Celebrating Black Excellence

As a man of assiduous repute, he was able to use his position in the council to effect salient changes in the nursing profession while he upheld an improvement in the quality of care to patients.

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