Duke Woman Crush Wednesday: Ashley Thomas

by Duchess Magazine

Meet Ashley Thomas, a successful businesswoman who, in 2018, founded the first Black woman-owned transsamehation call center in the country after a life spent prostitution, pimping, and stripping.

She describes how she got out of “the game” and her path from the stripper pole to owning a million-dollar trucking company in her just published book, Divorcing the Game.

By delivering a solution during the national supply chain problem and giving coaching programs to predictably recruit drivers to help alleviate the driver shortage, her call center, Supreme Drivers Recruiting, is now ruling the trucking business.

Her business also offers call center operators an entry-level platform to make $5,000 to $12,000 per month while landing top-paying employment as truck drivers.

Ashley shows the other side of adversity to people without holding anything back.

After quitting high school in the ninth grade, she realized that nothing was off-limits and that if she wanted anything in life, she would have to work for it.

At age 13, she was taken advantage of by a pimp. Ashley was duped into having sex with several different men after being seduced by false promises of a better life. She changed from a hustle, sexually exploitative, and promiscuous lifestyle to one that would challenge everything she had been taught to believe about making money, channeling the same hustle and go-getter energy.

She did this after realizing God had other plans for her. She is already instructing people on how to effect that change.
Divorcing The Game, which Ashley wrote, serves as a guide for assisting others in leaving “the game” and entering the $800 billion trucking sector without owning any vehicles.

In addition to writing a book, Ashley is a no-holds-barred, outspoken speaker and supporter of other young women and girls who feel hopeless and stuck. She frequently advocates for eradicating the stigma associated with sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Ashley recently spoke about how her experience had given her a distinctive viewpoint on the subject.
“I think it’s so important that we break the silence around this issue,” she said.

“Survivors are often seen as damaged goods, but we’re more than that. I am proof of what the other side can look like.”

Ashley has persisted and triumphed over the street life that attempted to kill her despite her numerous hardships.

According to her, God had a different plan, and as a result, her goal is to inspire others and keep them from getting sucked into the nightlife and street games.

She states, “My goal is to show them that God used transportation to save my life and that He can do it for them too.”

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