Father and Son Launch First-Ever Black-Owned Athletic Supply Company

by Duchess Magazine

As the creators of Book Dawg Sports, the first Black-owned athletic supplies company, Oronde Booker and his 14-year-old son, Kendall, are making history. The Atlanta, Georgia-based company is currently accepting pre-orders for the HW101 basketball, which is its flagship product and is made of superior microfibre composite leather for incredible grip and durability that will last the entire season and beyond.

Oronde had been attending his son’s team’s practices and games for a while when he started to observe that all of the gear used by the players, trainers, and coaches had been created by four firms, none of which were owned by people of color.

He was motivated by this to create his own business and become a significant provider of sporting goods.

“When thinking about sports, it’s likely that several Black stars across all sports — basketball, football, tennis, or soccer — come to mind easily,” Oronde stated.

Even though black people have made significant contributions to sports, including bringing in fans and varied audiences, redefining the sport, and influencing its culture, they are still underrepresented “behind the ball,” especially in sectors like sports equipment.

Athletic equipment is a significant business, bringing in millions of dollars annually and being dominated by a small number of brands.

Basketball wholesale sales in the United States were predicted to have reached $286 million in 2021 alone, according to Statista.

For Booker, it’s about business, but it’s also about creating and providing a high-quality product that will work for game students at all levels.

Oronde revealed, “We believe in high standards and high quality—our ball is for people who are serious about improving their game.” I love the game and continue to play and coach, so I know firsthand that no matter how talented you are, it requires an investment in the best equipment, time and effort.”

It goes without saying that hard labor is necessary for success on the court, which is why BookDawg Sports’ HW101 is abbreviated as “Hard Work 101”. The name acts as a constant reminder of what is necessary to be successful.

With incredible grip and durability to last the entire season and beyond, HW101 is manufactured with superior microfibre composite leather. Additionally, it has a cushioned core and deep channels that provide players with the utmost control and precision when playing inside.

As stated by him, “One of the things we’ve heard over and over again from our customers is about how it feels. A player knows when they’ve found the perfect ball based on how it feels in their hands, and we’re glad that we’re able to consistently provide that top quality experience.”

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