Rikolla Aid Foundation Holds Season 8 Bi-annual Edition of “My Health, My Investment”

by Duchess Magazine

In order to provide aid to all members of society, regardless of gender, age, tribe, religion, race, or ethnicity, Mrs. Yemisi Ghaniyat Adunola formed the Rikolla Aid Foundation (RAF). a building created out of a real love for God and people as well as for humanity.

The season 8.0 event took place on October 1st at the Women Development Center in the Agege neighborhood of Lagos State and offered free cancer screening tests to participants (male and female) over the age of 35, along with other activities like educational information on cancer/natural treatment, agroforestry business, how to create marketing jingles to help promote our businesses, and Effective conflict resolution & management strategies to help maintain mental health.

The organization’s goal was inspired by the general decline in morals, mental health awareness, and healthy behaviors among Nigerians in general and young people in particular, as evidenced by the tragic trend of youths passing away unexpectedly, some experiencing psychological or mental breakdown, while others are nothing more than walking corpses, which exposes us all to higher environmental and health risks.

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